Vendor Management

Inspection Depot has an independent network of credentialed adjusters and field service members in various locations throughout the US. The Inspection Depot platform monitors the credentialing process and applications, and proactively maintains the necessary credentialing and documentation with each network Vendor.

The following is an overview of the credentialing process and benefits to our clients.

Prescreening Process
Each network member is prescreened in a number of ways. The prescreening process includes experience verifications, insurance and licensing verifications, coverage area confirmation, capacity verifications, and training/technical compliance. The Inspection Depot credentialing module provides tracking and reportable modules on an on demand / real-time basis.
Performance Tracking
The Inspection Depot platform tracks the performance of each individual network member and provides real-time reporting based on actual metrics to both our clients and our network members. Transparent reporting ensures all working within the Inspection Depot network works to the highest standard possible.
All on the Inspection Depot network are provided access to the Inspection Depot training platform, Inspection Depot utilizes this platform for the deployment of real-time training on an on demand and/or as needed basis. Testing and examination results are available for each network member.
Billing / Fee schedule
Inspection Depot is continually credentialing and maintaining the adjuster network. At the time of writing there are almost 1500 adjusters registered under the Inspection Depot network.
Inspection Depot platform is programmed with automated fee tracking and payment scheduling. Invoicing and accounting reports are available to ensure fees are billed on an accurate basis.

If you are interested joining our network, and complete the registration process.

Web Based Platform / Integration

Inspection Depot’s goal is to effectively integrate the Inspection Depot suite of IT solutions by maximizing the value of both your IT infrastructure and the Inspection Depot management system.

All inspections and assignments are processed through Inspection Depot’s Proprietary web and mobile based platform. This platform was developed to automate all process and workflows, including credentialing, tracking, assignment flow, QA, and standardized reporting across the board.

Inspection Depot will work with you to customize the integration of your claims processes and underwriting management system to ensure the most efficient and effective exchange of data that matches your needs.

Efficient and effective data exchange services will ensure the effective flow of data in a timely fashion and enhance the value of services provided for all concerned.

Inspection Depot also offers client access to all our IT infrastructure to further facilitate the implementation of our services. This platform can also be utilized by all our clients either as a standalone, or completely integrated.

If you are interested in receiving more information about our services, please call 1 888 589 2112 or click here to request further information.