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Jim Cochran of House Smart, Inc.
"When you're pushing 6,000 inspections a year with 12 inspectors, change is an uninvited guest.  As you can imagine, we adapted an existing report system and had used that system for years with no intention of changing . . . until I saw The Home Guide.  I have to say this is the most attractive report system I have ever seen, but when I saw the inside, I thought 'Why hasn't someone done these years ago?'  It didn't take us long to make the move, and our efficiency rating has even improved.

"If price matters, and you want a top to bottom report system with a professional image that makes a statement, then The Home Guide is for you."

- Jim Cochran, President of House Smart, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia
You can contact Mr. Cochran by e-mail at jcochran@housesmartinspect.com.