Sinkhole Inspection Training

Florida homeowners and insurance carriers have been inundated with sinkhole issues and claims in recent years, many of which have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to analyze and remediate. In 2011 the Florida legislature passed legislation regarding sinkholes and subsequent losses. As such many insurance carriers are now requiring sinkhole inspections across the board, and looking for qualified inspectors with experience to complete these inspections.

Inspection Depot has developed a sinkhole inspection training program, inspection process and procedure specifically for this task. The training program consists of a full day, of both technical training and report writing basics, to ensure the liability of the inspector, the policyholder and the carrier are protected.

Sign up now and be one of the first inspectors offering this service. The training fee is a small portion of the inspection fees associated with this class.

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Course Outline for Sinkhole Inspection Training

Sinkhole Insurance and Inspections
Module 1: Introduction To Sinkhole Insurance and Inspections

This is an overview of the sinkhole issues in the state of Florida and how they affect homeowners, insurance carriers and the state of Florida at large. A review of the current legislation as it applies to sinkholes and inspections will also be included in this module.

This overview will also include the various types of sinkholes, the progression of sinkholes, the categorization of sinkholes, in addition to the probable causes of sinkholes versus subsidence, and what clues inspectors need to be looking for. An introduction to soil types, how they affect foundations, particularly when subjected to various weather conditions is provided.

Identify The Common Signs And Conditions
Module 2: How To Identify The Common Signs And Conditions

Associated With Settlement And Sinkhole Issues

This is an overview of the various cracks and conditions that are visible to any home in relation to settlement and sinkhole activity. The goal of this module is to separate the differences between initial settlement, shrinkage settlement, structural settlement as a result of inefficient construction practices, poor design or actual sinkhole settlement. This module will review the various construction styles, types of cracks, causes and symptoms and how inspectors should identify and report on each case.

An introduction to geology in Florida and the typical geological testing/ engineering surveys that are needed, which includes an overview of the actual site investigation work including boring, soil sampling, etc., in addition to the type of testing that takes place and results of the same which are determined by the soil type involved. A review of the various remediation techniques is also included here, included underpinning with pressure grouting, piling, etc.

Conducting A Sinkhole Inspection
Module 3: Conducting A Sinkhole Inspection
This module goes through an actual inspection of a home, for the purposes of a visual sinkhole assessment survey. Students will experience a methodical approach to the inspection, the data collection needed, for both the home being inspected and the surrounding homes, including the actual building itself, yard areas and driveways, adjoining property and neighborhood, interior and how to interview the policyholder/client for historical data relating to settlement issues. Inspectors will learn how to identify cracks, types of cracks, measurement of cracks and settlement, map cracks, differentiate between normal cracked glass and damaged glass as a result of compression etc. This systematic approach will take the inspector on an entire tour of a typical home, external and internal, and provide a great understanding of the typical issues associated with settlement in each home and the likely causes.
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