Home Guide System

Create Inspection Report in minutes
Contains useful instructions and diagrams
Easy to write, read and understand


The Home Guide Report System was developed in 1998 by Michael Rowan, President of AmeriPro Inspection Corporation and Inspection Depot, Inc.

After surveying the market, Michael discovered that an efficient, user-friendly reporting system was either non-existent, or very expensive. He also concluded that other systems, which perhaps enjoyed client appeal because they were easy to comprehend, lacked a professional appearance. Michael felt it was important for an inspection company's final report to the client demonstrate both thoroughness and uncompromised professionalism.

Michael decided to engage the services of a graphics and marketing professional to design the presentation of a new and unique inspection reporting system. He made it clear from the beginning just what the goal was: A professional image that is efficient for the inspectors to use and easy for the client to understand. To ensure the graphic design professional understood the goal, Michael required him to personally attend Michael's home inspections for three months.

Over the next two years, Michael Rowan integrated the new report into the daily operations of his own inspection company, personally refining and polishing it to perfection. Thus, was born The Home Guide Report System.

The Home Guide covers over 500 specific items within 8 primary categories. 

The primary categories are as follows: Structure, Exterior, Roof, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Cooling, Appliances and Interior.

There are a number of unique features that distinguish the Home Guide from other systems

Presented in a top quality, full color 3 ring binder with easy tear four-part forms .

You may choose to have a customized cover that displays your company logo and contact information.

Designed in an 11" x 8.5" landscape format that saves valuable time during inspections.

The ease of filling out these reports is unparalleled in the industry and has been proven to increase accuracy and improve legibility.

Every item within the system is cross referenced for a complete and professional explanation.  Forget about having to write an explanation of the problem; simply write in the specific information and The Home Guide covers the rest.

Nearly 100 diagrams provided by Carson Dunlop & Associates and over 50 actual inspection photos displaying troubled areas as defined in the Glossary.

On the back of every tab at the beginning of each section will be found useful information about maintenance and other issues that clients will use this for years to come.

In each report there is an Addendum form which is very helpful when you need additional space to address complicated issues.

Each inspection form is manufactured with four carbonless parts, all being white, to insure that any copies or faxes are of the highest quality, not to mention the need that often arises when copies are being distributed to a listing agent, selling agent, or the client.

With the added information such as "Should Things Go Wrong" and "Evaluation Survey" you minimize even further the risk of liability. Providing this type of information has proven to be valuable to both parties when dealing with disputes.

The Pre-Inspection Agreement is a clear explanation of the service you are providing for your client, the limitation of those services and the liabilities involved.

The Inspection Summary compiles all relevant information into one easy to read section. This section is divided into two main headings, "Major" & "Minor".

The Invoice included with The Home Guide allows the inspector to record all relevant information, i.e. people attending, weather conditions, added fees and more

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