20 Hour Practical Demonstration and Apprenticeship Program

This apprenticeship program was established to meet the pre licensure requirements of the State of Florida for home inspectors, and for new inspectors looking for additional training.

Here is an overview of each.

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120 Hour Home Inspection Training Program (Click on description to view course details)
Description Hours CE Credits Fees Register
Distance Learning 40 FL DBPR $825
Classroom Training 60 FL DBPR $995
Field Practicals and Classroom
Apprenticeship Inspections
20 FL DBPR $450
Package Fee 120 FL DBPR $1750

Field Practical Demonstrations

Inspection Depot intends to offer two alternatives for the field practice demonstration. Students opt to take either one or both, depending on their knowledge base and availability. These are explained in detail within this document as follows:

Description Hours Register
Student participation of mock home inspection.
(20 hours - Post classroom training).
Real life apprenticeship programs with licensed home inspectors.
(8 Hours per inspection taken at anytime.)

For non Inspection Depot students, or students looking for additional field experience, please click on the Inspection Apprenticeship link on the navigation bar.

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Course Outline for Practical Demonstration and Apprenticeship Program

Practical Demonstration - Taken with Pre-Licensure training class

Objective of Field-Based Training

(A)   Objective of Field-Based Training

The objective of Inspection Depot's field based training is to provide a practical experience for all inspectors on the training program.

This field based training will be a controlled environment and will include a combination of an actual inspection of a residential home and an additional review of the training program both on site and in the classroom post inspection. The post inspection review may include additional training on the training tools such as dismantled water heaters, compressors, HVAC equipment, plumbing systems, electrical systems, etc. that are in place and used as teaching aides during the training program to reinforce the learning objective of the field demonstration exercise.

(B)   Forms Provided

The following will be used by all students for the field demonstration exercises:

Home Inspection Checklist

Students will be required to complete a full home inspection report, with back up
documentation for each field inspection demonstration.

Sample Home Inspection Report

During the entire training program, Inspection Depot focuses heavily on the final deliverable as this is the risk assessment that consumers come to rely on. Examples of reports will be provided to all students and report grading will be based on expectations set by the training program.

The Field Inspection Process

(C)   The Field Inspection Process

All students will participate in a field inspection of at least two vacant homes, under the supervision of a licensed home inspector(s) which will include the following:

(a)   Interactive participation on preparation for the home inspection. Setting client's expectations and presenting inspection agreement.

(b)   Interactive client discussions based on typical questions asked by clients.

(c)   Setting up base camp for the inspection process.

(d)   Interactive dialogue between attendees such as real estate agents, homeowners or other representatives.

Under the direction of the licensed home inspector(s), all students will experience the following:

(a)   Determining the best inspection procedure for the home being inspected.

Will include open discussion and feedback between students and licensed home

(b)   Inspection process commences systematically with all students participating at every stage and will include an inspection at each module of the pre-licensing home inspection training program.

(D)   Concluding the Inspection

Under the supervision of the licensed home inspector(s), students will review at closing their checklists to make sure all systems and procedures have been completed, all inspection notes finalized and all photographs documented.

Students will be shown the importance of re-securing and ensuring lights, systems and other appliances are in the "off" or original positions prior to lock up and conclusion of inspection with client.

(E)   Report Preparation:

All students will be provided with the ability to either complete the reports via technology or handwritten inspection forms on conclusion of the inspection (classroom) in the presence of the licensed home inspector(s).

Licensed Home Inspector Report Preparation

(F)   Licensed Home Inspector Report Preparation

Once students have completed their version of the inspection report, a licensed home inspector will review the actual inspection report completed by a licensed inspector with all students going through the standards of practice, additional professional standards as they apply and any other information needing to be present on the inspection report.

(G)   Inspection Report Completion

All students will be required to complete the inspection report for the property being inspected and to submit the inspection report to the licensed home inspector for grading. Inspection Depot will provide both handwritten inspection forms and software forms for use by inspector. Inspectors can download inspection report at www.automatedinspector.com.

(H)   Equipment/Tools to Bring

All specialist testing tools including moisture meters, receptacle testers, etc. will be provided by Inspection Depot during the field demonstration training module.

Students will be required to bring the following:
(a) Flashlight
(b) Writing pad for data collection
(c) Digital camera
(d) Proper clothing

Type of Inspection

(I)   Type of Inspection

The inspection performed is a visual only inspection and will not include any invasive inspection of any nature. Probing decayed wood, breaking damaged stucco, or removal of any component or element of the home will not be part of this inspection. Inspectors will be trained to identify these issues if visible, without any dismantling or demolition – damage of any nature.

(J)   Inspector Safety

Inspectors will not be allowed to walk roofs or enter any areas considered dangerous to either the homeowner, inspector or any other party.

(K)   Inspector Participation

Inspection Depot may use one or more licensed home inspectors for this training module, depending on the number of students participating. All students will be divided into teams at the time of the inspection whereby various components/inspection exercises of the home will be inspected by the team leader (licensed home inspector) and documented at that time.

 Home Inspection Apprenticeship program
Apprenticeship program Introduction

(A)   Introduction

The objective of Inspection Depot's on-the-job Training module is to provide an apprenticeship program to meet both pre-licensing education requirements and new inspectors' needs from an experience and knowledge perspective. Inspection Depot offers all students looking to enter the home inspection profession or inspectors already in the business, looking for field-based direction.

(B)   Home Inspection Practical Experience Feedback

This form will be used by each student for each practical experience demonstration. The form must be signed by the licensed home inspector providing the field training at that time.

(C)   Inspection Report Evaluation - Grading

When students submit the final report for each field demonstration, the licensed home inspector will review the report and grade each section accordingly.

Policies and Procedures

(D)   Practical Demonstration – Policies and Procedures

A sample of policies and procedures relating to dress code policy, communication during apprenticeship programs and what we expect of students during the apprenticeship and field inspection training will be issued to each student. These are crucial to prevent any accidents or unsafe situations arising during the inspection process

(E)   Certificate of Completion

All students who complete this apprenticeship program will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of their training.

(F)   Education Hours

The following hours have been accepted by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation for home inspectors pre licensure field demonstration requirements.

Training Modules Description Hours
Module 1 Field Inspection
(inspector/student participation in real event/inspection)
Module 2 Report Preparation and Feedback
(student preparation of complete inspection and submission to ID for review)
Total Hours per inspection 8

No classroom review is included in the post inspection for apprenticeship training.

(G)   Student Correspondence

All students will be in direct correspondence with Inspection Depot’s instructors and administration staff with regard to any questions that arise either before or after the inspection. Inspection Depot will ensure that all questions are answered properly and the student receives the best learning experience possible.

(H)   Certificate of Completion

All students who complete this apprenticeship program will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of their training.

20 Hour Practical Demonstration and Apprenticeship Training Schedule
Location Date Hours Fees
Varies Taken at any time with licensed inspectors 8