Advanced Xactimate Training

Students in this 2 day course will build on their knowledge of Sketch, learning to create more complex diagrams (interiors, exteriors, and roofs) and estimate within Sketch. Students will be taught advanced variable usage, shortcuts, and other best practices. The course also focuses on a variety of estimating methods that will increase overall efficiency in preparation for Xactimate Level 3 certification exam.

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  • Configure XactAnalysis settings and utilize the XactAnalysis Communications pane
  • Merge products and demonstrate an understanding of the various merge settings
  • Customize the pricing database and demonstrate an understanding of the component makeup of the unit price
  • Expand understanding of the Labor Cost Model, including Labor Minimums
  • Use a variety of new Xactimate 28 features including: the staircase tool, enhanced roof sketching, enhanced estimate Items, 3D estimation, arced walls, and much more
  • Estimate graphically in Sketch and use the Item List feature to add and modify items in multiple rooms
  • Utilize new variables, functions and formulas to create complex estimate calculations
  • Apply line item tags and item scenarios to customize an estimate and its reports
  • Add custom documents to an estimate and merge multiple reports together
  • Create custom documents using Xactimate tokens in MS Word/Excel and the Report Editor
  • Increase understanding and functionality of estimate report types
Advanced Xactimate 28 Training Schedule
Location Dates Venue Cost
Jacksonville, FL August 2nd - August 3rd Inspection Depot Headquarters $395
Jacksonville, FL August 30th - August 31st Inspection Depot Headquarters $395
Jacksonville, FL September 27th - September 28th Inspection Depot Headquarters $395