Water Intrusion, Mold and Warranty Inspection Services

Moisture intrusion, stucco deficiencies, flashing issues, and other issues have played havoc with builders and new construction for years. Much has changed with new methods of identification, inspection protocols, and reporting to help mitigate these issues; however what has not changed is the cost of mitigating the issue and the causes of the issue. These inexpensive corrections during construction, if properly identified, create massive warranty claims down line and no builder is immune.

All builders shriek when they get the customer call that says “I can smell mold, my wall is leaking, there is water on my ceiling, etc.” These calls all relate to water intrusion issues that can lead to possible microbial concerns, many of which could’ve been avoided with better construction oversight.

Inspection Depot provides unbiased moisture intrusion, a mold assessment, services customized for each situation. Inspection Depot will provide reporting of the conditions found, and include all photographs and verification documentation related to the damaged areas concerned. Inspection Depot inspectors will use infrared thermography, a mold testing process in addition to moisture and humidity testing in documenting a mold or moisture related issue.

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