Pre-Drywall Punch Out – Warranty Loss Mitigation Services

Inspection Depot has conducted thousands of pre-drywall inspections throughout its existence. Our experience covers everything from commercial concrete frame, residential masonry and wood frame structures, to cast in place and tilt up assemblies. While construction practices and methods may vary, the third party verification process is almost always the same. : determine the construction in question, the specific requirements outlined on the construction documents, and manufacturer specifications, including the truss engineering, if appropriate, and verify that the home or building is being constructed in accordance with the correct standards, construction practices, and as designed.

Being able to identify construction issues early saves so much time, energy, and wasted resources down line. Examples include incorrectly placed walls, off plumb walls, missing filled cells, unprotected wiring, nail penetrations to plumbing systems, incorrectly placed drainage lines, missing flashing, roof materials, framework, reinforcement, or damage to any system or component as a result of sub-contractor mis-scheduling..

Inspection Depot can conduct a detailed pre-drywall inspection and include any of the following services depending on the builder’s needs. Here are examples of some of the inspection services.

1. Evaluation of truss installation based on engineering documents. 2. Evaluation of plumbing systems based on construction drawings and installation practices.
3. Evaluation of electrical installation based on construction drawings and installation practices. 4. Evaluation of roofing systems and associated flashings based on construction and, drawings, manufacturer specifications, and installation practices.
5. Evaluation of exterior moisture barriers, flashings, and sealants based on construction drawings, manufacturer specifications, and installation practices. 6. Evaluation of HVAC system based in construction drawings, manufacturer specifications, and installation practices.

Our Inspection Depot inspector will review all visible components and installation practices and provide a detailed report of any potential issues that need to be corrected by the associated trade concerned. Identifying construction issues at pre-drywall stages goes a long way to hold subcontractors accountable and reduce unnecessary construction claims and mistakes.

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