Final Punch Out – Warranty Loss Mitigation Services

Warranty loss costs are by far the easiest way for builders to lose every dime in profits because of one claim or call back. Initiating processes and systems to manage and mitigate warranty losses during the construction is undoubtedly the most cost effective way to save on post closing management and service call backs. Inspection Depot has been conducting new construction quality control Punch Out inspections for almost 20 years. We have developed and delivered training programs related to the building processes, the Florida building code, and the effects of faulty construction practices, materials, and moisture intrusion on completed construction to builders, real estate agents, inspectors, and other professionals Inspection Depot brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any builder looking to increase the quality of their overall construction, hold subcontractors more accountable and to reduce the extent of warranty claims and their effect on branding and customer satisfaction across the board.

Our inspectors are trained to identify construction deficiencies of all calibers and to properly associate each deficiency with the correct trade or number of trades. This is crucial as it connects the accountability chain during the construction process and makes all thoseeveryone aware of their responsibilities and the increased cost of erroneous mistakes. Sub-contractors quickly learn from their work commitment and make alterations to eliminate expensive oversight corrections.

At the end of construction, the Inspection Depot inspector will provide a comprehensive inspection and detailed report outlining the deficiencies found, the associated photographs, and backup documentation, identifying the relevant trade needed to correct the issues and deficiencies found.

Conducting final Punch Out inspections, prior to closing and holding sub- contractors accountable, ensures the elimination of expensive, disruptive, and unnecessary warranty call backs Mitigate your warranty losses now!

The following is an overview of the Inspection Depot new construction Warranty Loss Mitigation Services.

Inspection Depot has developed a “Detailed 260-Point Walk-Through Certified Inspection Program and Report” for all of our new construction clients.
Will hold subcontractors more accountable and increase quality of construction overall.
Will reduce expensive and unnecessary callbacks during the warranty period.
Will increase customer satisfaction based on higher quality construction and removing disruptive and unnecessary warranty call backs.
Data collected during the process will be centralized on the Inspection Depot Management System for builders which can be used to red flag potential issues with their vendor personnel or building designs.
Reduced overhead and higher profitability based on third-party vendor oversight.

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