Wind Mitigation Inspection Referral Program

Are Wind Mitigation Inspections Costing You and Your Business ?

Are you tired of wind mitigation re-inspections? Are wind mitigation re-inspections strangling your resources and costing you time, energy and disrupting you from your core business? Are you ready for an alternative approach to minimize the disruption re-inspections are costing you and your clients?

There is no question, that the cost of wind mitigation re-inspections is enormous for all concerned. They are stressful, inconvenient and disruptive to all including insurance carriers! Some agencies have had to hire staff, consume valuable time re-underwriting insurance policies and dealing with inspections and confused policyholders with no end in sight. Most believe that there is no way to ever eliminate the requirement of these insurance carrier inspections, and while this is partially true based on the policy wording and statutes, it is not completely.

In truth, insurance carriers do not want to conduct re-inspections. Their costs to administrator such programs are enormous too. They have to hire additional staff, update IT infrastructure, mail letters, deal with increased phone calls, etc. all of which results in the same problems mentioned above. Add on stress, disruption, staffing and more. Insurance carriers want to underwrite their risk based on good data. They want to have confidence on their risk based on accurate data. This is where your alternative begins.

Inspection Depot provides Third Party QA on every inspection report completed, prior to release, to prevent the likelihood of errors and subsequent re-inspections, through its network of licensed and credentialed inspectors across the state. Here is what we offer to our agencies:

  • Your inspection will be completed by a credentialed inspector or inspection company complying with the relevant QA standards.
  • Your inspection report will be independently verified and provided with a unique QA tracking number for agencies, underwriters and carriers to cross check at any time.
  • Your agency, the insurance carrier and respective teams will have complete access to Inspection Depot's QA department for any questions raised by the insurance carrier and/ or policyholder.
  • All will have Free access to Inspection Depot's inspection tracking and management system through secure log in at any time.
  • The Wind Mitigation Inspection Report will be certified for 5 years (4 policy years) and available 24/7 through our secure inspection tracking and management system.
  • Your policyholders will be happier, there will be fewer complaints, and more reliance on the premiums being quoted and written.
  • Your policyholder can have the peace of mind now, understanding the true effectiveness of their home to hurricanes and wind resistance.
  • Every inspection will be conducted by credentialed inspectors dedicated to the highest accuracy, speed and customer satisfaction.

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Citizens Wind Mitigation Inspection Referral Program

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, has Inspection Depot, Inc., as a highly qualifed wind mitigation inspection company that independently credentials and trains licensed inspectors who have passed criminal background checks and who meet the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation minimum licensing standards,.

The Inspection Depot network of Inspectors provides residential wind mitigation inspections through its credentialed, trained and licensed team of inspection professionals. Inspection Depot’s inspectors are required to complete annual minimum training and continuing education and continuously work towards a better service every day.

Inspection Depot believes that transparency is the key to your choice of Inspector. click here to find, review all training, education, licensing, etc. and receive an email of your selected Inspector’s professional profile today.

To compare fees, approved inspection companies, and review profiles of approved providers under Inspection Depot, click here.

The History of Wind Mitigation Inspections

To shed some light on the issue, Wind Mitigation Credits were brought about to incentivize homeowners to strengthen and harden their homes against the effects of hurricanes, and reduce insurance costs for all concerned in the State of Florida. The legislation enacted after the 2004 hurricanes, would have certainly done its job, and the benefits for everyone if properly addressed at the inspector level, would have been enormous. A State where every homeowner knew exactly where their home stood from a wind resistant perspective and what the insurance savings would be, if the same homeowner decided to mitigate their home against the risk of wind damage. Insurers would have the peace of mind of lower "loss-claims costs" in the case of hurricanes as the compliant housing stock is now more wind resistant, resulting in overall lower premiums.

When the inspection requirement was first introduced however, there were no enforcement procedures for inspectors to verify any of the inspection findings. Inspectors were relied upon to do the inspection correctly. Based on reported re-Inspection comparison data, these inspectors got it wrong on approximately 68% of cases.

Many homeowners were provided reports showing their homes were actually stronger than inspectors led them to believe and the end result was that the State of Florida was no better off because most homeowners received wind resistant credits but did not have the wind resistant components to match.

As a result of incorrect data, the insurance carriers’ risk exponentially grew, while at the same time insurance premiums dwindled because of the insurance credits and discounts connected to the same erroneous inspection reports. Insurers needed quality data, and in turn started the verification re-inspection programs!

Inspection Depot over the years has been contracted to conduct re-inspection verifications for wind mitigation credits for many insurance carriers. Inspection Depot provides Third Party Quality Assurance Oversight on all reports released, to ensure proper verification has taken place and presented with each report. By following proven standards for these inspections, Inspection Depot is confident your clients will be better served and everyone involved will be less concerned with the data presented.