Welcome to Insurance Agents 

Welcome to Inspection Depot and the Paperless Inspector Third Party Quality Assurance Program. Our approved Inspection Companies are available to you as a resource for peace of mind on every inspection.

We know many of you, particularly in wind borne debris areas where wind mitigation re-inspection programs are common occurrence, are frustrated and don’t know where to turn to refer your client when it comes to a professional inspector.

From our experience with many pilot programs and re-inspection programs, we can tell you the results speak for themselves. Previous inspection data is incorrect, particularly when it involves large discounts or credits on the insurance policy.

The disparity between the services and reporting provided by various inspection companies is huge, the quality control and oversight is non-existent and the continual pledge of these companies to save their clients money or not charge for the inspection is the largest conflict of interest ever allowed in the inspection industry.

At Inspection Depot, we have developed standards and protocols which not only remove this conflict of interest, but require much more information from the field inspectors to verify and validate as they were required to do under the current legislation.

If we all work together to ensure that the data collected by inspectors is accurate and the legislation to entice policyholders to mitigate their property against windstorms and hurricanes remain effective, we will see participation from many policyholders because of the insurance discounts and credits involved. The end result is that the housing stock in the state of Florida will be far stronger than it is today.

Help us achieve these goals by eliminating inspector fraud and by helping policyholders truly understand the strength of their homes and the benefits associated with wind